The Firm’s history

In 1950 the Firm Rum Ardito & Domenico was founded. At first they were simply ship owners of some vessels, which were operating in the Gulf of Asinara and only later they were going to expand their horizons, by becoming an important reality in the fish wholesale trade.

In 1977 the company Rum Antonio & Umberto S.N.C. - Fish Products, which took the place of their father’s firm, carried out a modernization of the fleet, by acquiring new vessels, which have constantly made possible a considerable increase of the haul over the years.

At present the Group is developing its own activity by the means of its own fishing boats:


The activity is characterised by the fact that its own haul is immediately marketed, straightaway after being caught, and therefore the caught fish is highly and particularly appreciated for the goodness and freshness.
Over the years, the imported products have been added to the local fish products, both fresh and frozen. The modern technology, used by the firm, is always up-to-date and ensures a constant keeping of the cold chain, and therefore of the high quality standards of the product.

Recently Antonio and Umberto Rum have had the assistance of Riccardo and Marcello, representatives of the new generation, who have brought dynamism and freshness to the Group, which they lead now. As a matter of fact now thanks to them the products coming from other Sardinian marines are traded, ensuring in this way a wider provision of caught fish, which is always rigorously very fresh.